The Air Sponge is ideal anywhere unwanted moisture persists. It is a perfect solution for new or existing environments, small offices, retail suites, basements, attics or crawl spaces. The DH70 removes 70 pints per day with square foot coverage of 1,400-3,800. Get maximum control of excess indoor moisture. Working with your central cooling system or as a stand-alone unit, the Air Sponge automatically monitors humidity levels to ensure total space comfort. 

• Easy to clean air filter - durable nylon mesh filter.
• Frost control - Automatic defrost system prevents coil freeze-up
• Outlet duct collar may be moved to the top of the unit for vertical discharge.
• Minimal maintenance - periodic air filter cleaning keeps the unit running at peak efficiency.
• Energy efficient - since drier air is more comfortable and allows for higher room temperature settings, this will reduce unit load and extend unit life.
• R410a refrigerant - the latest standard in refrigerants
• FREE 24V Dehumidistat
• FREE hanging kit